Natural Disaster Preparation for Data Centers

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Your data center is a crucial part of your organization and its ability to function, and keeping it safe is often a primary focus for your tech team. Unfortunately, many businesses often focus on cyber attacks and technical errors and forget about the more unpredictable things that can happen to your data centers, like natural

What Happens When a Hospital Loses Power?

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You don’t have to be in hospital management to know how vital it is to keep a hospital running during a natural disaster. Hospital downtime is unacceptable when electrically-powered machines are keeping people alive. But the consequences of hospital power outages go beyond the loss of life. What does downtime cause in a hospital? If a backup

Top 3 Signs Your Business Needs an Emergency Fuel Contract

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Does your business require an emergency fuel plan in preparation to avoid critical downtime? If you do not currently have a guaranteed fuel contract in place for emergency standby generator fuel, there is a good chance that you are putting your operation at great risk. Here are the top three signs that your business needs an