Hurricane Ian Press Release

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Foster Fuels Responds Ahead of Hurricane Ian’s Impact BROOKNEAL, Va. September 27, 2022 – Foster Fuels' Mission Critical division dispatches close to 100 emergency fuel trucks ahead of Hurricane Ian's impact on Florida. The team is making its way to secure locations north of the projected impact area and will respond after Ian makes

The Effects of Power Outages by Industry

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Power outages significantly impact different businesses and industries, ranging in issues from damaged equipment and lost files to loss of power to life-saving medical equipment. Companies that are unprepared for a power outage can suffer from lengthy downtimes, which can impact revenue and cause disruptions to essential daily operations. Government entities, hospitals, schools and other

A 6 Step Guide to Prepping Your Hospital and Staff for a Natural Disaster

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Across the globe, natural disasters have been increasing in frequency. In the United States alone, health care organizations may face coastal storms, wildfires, floods, droughts and freezes. If your hospital experiences a natural disaster, it may impact your facilities and staff. Natural disasters can be powerful and unpredictable, so it's crucial to prepare for them

What Happens When a Hospital Loses Power?

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You don’t have to be in hospital management to know how vital it is to keep a hospital running during a natural disaster. Hospital downtime is unacceptable when electrically-powered machines are keeping people alive. But the consequences of hospital power outages go beyond the loss of life. Examples of Hospitals That Lost Power In 2003, a widespread blackout affected

The Effects of a Power Outage on a Business

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A business depends on power each day to run its operations — that's no secret. But when the power goes out, unplanned downtime can occur, and that can cost your business thousands or even millions of dollars. Unexpected outages can lead to situations that may be difficult to recover from. Making sure your business has a plan to eliminate downtime

9 Ways to Handle a Loss of Power in Government Buildings

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Government buildings and their employees are responsible for handling their community's legal and civic affairs. When the power goes out in government buildings, they can no longer serve the community or continue their essential tasks. Power outages also create safety concerns among employees and visitors at your location.  Preparing for power loss can help you

Top 3 Signs Your Business Needs an Emergency Fuel Contract

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Does your business require an emergency fuel plan in preparation to avoid critical downtime? If you do not currently have a guaranteed fuel contract in place for emergency standby generator fuel, there is a good chance that you are putting your operation at great risk. Here are the top three signs that your business needs an

Tips to Prepare for an Outage

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When a business' operations are halted or severely reduced by outside factors, the loss of revenue can create a situation that is difficult or impossible to overcome. We understand how high the stakes are—the suspension of services could send even the most loyal customers looking elsewhere. While insurance may cover some losses, it will not

3 Key Components of Your Mission Critical Response Process

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“In my short time with FEMA and working seven major disasters, I have never worked with any contracting team that was more professional and such a pleasure to work with as Foster Fuels.” —John Formet, Senior FEMA Region IV Logistics Accountable Property Manager If you are responsible for your organization’s operations, then you already know