The 5 Phases of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

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When a natural disaster, untimely power outage or cybersecurity threat strikes, the disruption can severely impact your business. Replacing damaged items takes time and money, and in severe cases, the disruption even keeps employees from working. Some disasters are unavoidable — but thankfully, a well-structured business continuity plan allows you to prepare for an emergency

How to Maintain Your Fuel Tank Year-Round to Ensure Proper Safety Standards

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Storing diesel fuel on-location has many benefits. Bulk fuel storage tanks are useful for many different industries and applications, including refueling farm equipment and diesel vehicles and powering backup generators during natural disasters. Generator fuel storage tanks are necessary for emergency preparedness. They allow essential services to stay in operation. Regardless of your storage tank's

Foster Responds to 2021 Winter Storms

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Saturday February 20, 2021  Brookneal, VA Fuel Company Delivers Emergency Fuel After Power Outages in Texas Brookneal, VA – Foster Fuels has been delivering fuel to critical infrastructure and crews working to restore power in the aftermath of the 2021 Texas ice storms that left more than four million people without power.  Initially dispatching around

A Guide to Prepping Your Business for a Winter Storm

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Winter weather can affect your business in many ways. Your employees may not be able to get to work and are at higher risk for car accidents and cold-weather injuries. Your building also becomes vulnerable to structural damage under the weight of heavy snow. Through it all, you risk widespread power outages interrupting your operations. 

Tips for NFPA Compliance and Disaster Preparedness in Healthcare

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Of all industries that need to maintain compliance with National Firefighters Protection Association (NFPA) disaster preparedness guidelines, the healthcare industry may be the most important. Emergency preparedness for healthcare facilities is not an option, it is an absolute necessity. There are thousands of power outages every year. Hospitals, doctors offices, pharmaceutical laboratories and other healthcare