An unexpected water supply interruption can occur due to a natural disaster or man-made event. Consider what might happen if your organization loses access to its water supply. An extended disruption could have serious health and safety implications—for example, think of what would happen if a hospital had to go without water.

The economic consequences can also be severe. Without water, many businesses will not be able to manufacture their products or provide timely service to their customer base. The resulting downtime can result in lost revenues, reduced productivity, and severe reputational damage that could cripple an organization for weeks, months, or even years.

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At Foster Fuels Mission Critical, we’re fully prepared to provide emergency commercial water delivery for disaster relief and other natural or man-made events. Together, water and fuel represent the two most important resources on our planet, which is why, as experts in emergency delivery, we provide water as an emergency resource.

Since 1921, we have been providing reliable deliveries to both homes and businesses. Based in Virginia, but capable of serving customers nationwide and abroad, we can quickly and efficiently get your fuel or emergency water delivery where they need to go.

We have worked with a wide variety of organizations, including:


Having a water emergency plan in place is a must for any business, but it’s essential for companies that rely on potable water to stay open and operational. With an emergency water delivery plan in place, you can:

  • Stay open: Whether you run a hotel, manage properties or operate a construction site, disaster water supply delivery can keep your business open when your regular water supply is compromised.
  • Maintain revenue: Prevent financial loss and damage to your reputation by preparing for emergencies.
  • Improve your response time: With potable water delivery services, you can focus on resolving the emergency instead of worrying about the logistics of getting water to your employees or customers.
  • Avoid liability: Potable water is essential to the success of any business. Having an emergency plan in place ensures that your government, power or health care facility remains free from risk.

Whether your company operates in a construction site, a community healthcare clinic or a data center, we’ll deliver emergency water to you so that you can get back to work safely.


Additionally, we provide continuity and disaster management services. Whenever you face a long-term disruption in your water supply—whether from contamination, an outage, or infrastructure problems—we support your business. Through effective strategic planning, we can help you minimize the potential health, economic, and reputational damages that can result from an extended water shortage.


We are proud to offer emergency water delivery services across the country. Our team has assisted in various times of crisis, including 2003’s Hurricane Isabel and onward. Our Mission Critical division has a history of consistent emergency water deliveries. In 2022, Foster Fuels Mission Critical dispatched over 100 vehicles to deliver 315,000 gallons of water and other necessary supplies ahead of Hurricane Ian’s path. With careful planning, we placed these vehicles strategically in areas most affected by the hurricane and its aftermath.

Over 100 years of experience providing reliable deliveries to those who need it most has given us the knowledge and expertise required to provide fast, efficient services for a variety of materials, including water.

Finally, we have a large fleet of tanker trucks ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice to your location, including both potable and non-potable water delivery. We also have a number of options for keeping you connected to your emergency water supply, including equipment that will pressurize your building or facility to minimize disruption during a planned or emergency outage. Our fast, 24/7/365 emergency water delivery service gives you peace of mind knowing your organization is prepared for the worst-case scenario.


Our large fleet of emergency response trucks and tankers supports extensive emergency water delivery. In an emergency, this resource is vital. Our drivers are fully licensed and trained in appropriate measures for water delivery, while our in-house mechanical shop ensures the highest standards of maintenance and preparation. You can trust Foster Fuels Mission Critical to deliver emergency water and fuel in even the most demanding of circumstances.


When you choose Foster Fuels Mission Critical, you choose an award-winning supplier of emergency water delivery services. We work to provide business continuity and can help you every step of the way. Work with us to have the peace of mind that comes with relief services available 24/7/365 and knowing that we’ll be there when you need us most. Every company has different needs, so you can choose between different levels of service to meet your specific requirements.

Give your business the advantage of guaranteed response agreements and priority agreements. That way, if you need help immediately or months from now, you will receive a premium level of service—no matter what time of day or night.

Don’t let an unexpected interruption to your organization’s water supply hinder your operations. Contact Foster Fuels Mission Critical to learn more about how our emergency water delivery services can get your business back to normal as quickly as possible.


Read about our work with FEMA during Hurricane Sandy.

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What Our Customers Think

Thank you for your outstanding support during the humanitarian relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy. We here at DLA Energy appreciate your committed support to those impacted by the storm. Your herculean effort and dedication has helped millions of Americans during this devastating period. Your leadership on the ground and swift response to DLA Energy, FEMA, and state and local governments was critical the mission success

Giovanni Tuck, Brigadier General, USAF Commander

Each of your members displayed a willingness to go above and beyond the call to ensure multiple delivery missions to facilities. You kept the principal Aerial Port of Debarkation generations filled for constant use for all Joint Warfighter’s benefit so they could meet mission. Your Emergency Response Team was prepared and again, integrated across the board with key stakeholders.

Matt Ott, CDR, SC, US Navy

The thanks goes out to you and your outstanding crew. I handled life support for the main port in Port-au-Prince, and while Foster Fuels was present, fuel was not just taken care of, but incredibly flexible and adaptive to multiple needs. It was as easy as simply talking with your folks and they leaned forward and took care of the need.

1Lt Travis Michelena, JLC, Haiti

I just wanted to take a moment and commend your company and the fine crew that I had the pleasure of working with during the Kentucky Ice Storms. In my short time with FEMA and working seven major disasters, I have never worked with any contracting team that was more professional and such a pleasure to work with. We faces incredible weather conditions and long hours but I never heard one complaint out of the entire crew. The only thing I heard was what can we do now and how can we better complete and make the mission a success.

John Formet, Sr FEMA Region IV Logistics Accountable Property Manager