Emergency Fuel
Fuel Quality


Emergency Fuel
Fuel Quality

Proudly Serving Critical Facilities Nationwide

In an uncertain future, where man-made and natural disasters increase at alarming rates, we will be our customers’ proven, tested, and highly trusted partner. We will not fail to deliver on our customers’ worst days.

Emergency Fuel

Foster Fuels guarantees your critical facility has fuel to power your operations during a power outage.

Guaranteed Delivery

Shield your business from costly downtime by ensuring you have fuel when you need it most.

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Fuel Quality Services

Regular fuel maintenance and testing are key to ensuring you have the necessary fuel during an emergency.

Fuel Quality Experts

From additives to polishing to testing, we help you prepare your backup fuel for an emergency.

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Routine Fuel Delivery

Routine fuel delivery is crucial to preparing for an emergency situation. We’ll keep your tanks full without you having to call us.

Nationwide Service

No matter where you are, we are fully equipped to provide you with prompt, reliable delivery of the generator fuel you need for your business.

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Residential & Commercial

Whether you need fuel for your home of business, we offer same-day delivery.

Propane, Heating Oil and More

Need information about gas fireplaces, or appliances?  Our helpful experts will help you choose the right products for your home or business.

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CASE STUDY: 2017 Hurricane Season

The end of the 2017 year was hit with a hurricane season unlike any other. Foster Fuels Mission Critical division was activated throughout each of these Category 4 and 5 hurricanes. Learn more about our process throughout the 2017 hurricane season.

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National Emergency Fuel Services

We are always ready to activate, organize, deploy, and manage emergency fuel supply services for our contract customers. And our many customers enjoy the security of that guarantee. We offer different levels of service, including guaranteed response agreements, priority agreements, and disaster preparedness plans. One of our team members can help you determine which plan is best for your organization.

Are you a fuel company?

Join our team of emergency fuel partners. Foster Fuels’ award-winning emergency division provides customers with standardized equipment and fuel when others cannot.


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As a result of our strategic partnership and the collaboration of our teams, we are pleased to report that all sites impacted maintained 100% uptime throughout the duration of the event as we successfully supported over 9 megawatts of critical load. Our success is a direct result of your team’s coordination and perseverance in the face of extremely difficult and unpredictable conditions.

David Schirmacher, Sr. Vice President, Portfolio Operations, Digital Realty

It has been three months since our recovery from the 2008 hurricane season, but Cleco power has not forgotten the tremendous support we received from your company. While the widespread damage and the number of outages were historic for our company, the response was as well. With your help, we were able to restore power quickly and safely.

Dilek Samil, President and COO, Cleco Power