You don’t have to be in hospital management to know how vital it is to keep a hospital running during a natural disaster. Hospital downtime is unacceptable when electrically-powered machines are keeping people alive. But the consequences of hospital power outages go beyond the loss of life.

What does downtime cause in a hospital?

hospital downtime

  • If a backup generator doesn’t kick in right away when a natural disaster or other circumstances knocks out the power, not only can those life-saving machines go down, but they may not easily start up again — even after the power comes back, or the generator finally starts working. With many of these machines, minutes can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Another big issue with power loss in a hospital is the ability to complete surgery. If the lights go out in the middle of a procedure, you can’t always just wait for them to come back on. Flashlights may allow a triage solution, but a power outage will greatly increase the risks and complications of a surgery.
  • Finally, there is the reputation of the hospital to consider. Injuries to patients or other negative outcomes that result from a power outage are likely to bring lawsuits against the hospital. Additionally, those who are sick and or injured may be reluctant to turn to your facility for treatment, knowing that you are not adequately prepared for a disaster situation.

Avoiding Hospital Power Outages

The best way to avoid extended power outages is to make sure you have a working generator and enough fuel to power it for as long as is needed at all times. 

Foster Fuels’ Mission Critical division provides a complete range of emergency fuel services for hospitals.

These services include guaranteed fuel delivery (even in emergency situations), and ensuring you will always have enough fuel for your generator to power your life-saving or life-maintaining equipment, lights, and other electronic devices at all times. They also include fuel testing and analysis. We make sure your existing fuel is as fresh and clean as possible to help ensure your generator will start up right away when needed.

Additionally, we send experts to your site to analyze your facility layout and needs, and to develop an emergency fuel strategy now, before a disaster strikes. This way, if an issue does occur, we will already know how to make sure all of your equipment, generators, and vehicles are fully prepared to have all the fuel they need to get you through.

Contact Foster Fuels for a Guaranteed Fuel Contract Today

Once you have arranged for emergency fuel services with Foster Fuels Mission Critical, you have one less issue to worry about when it comes to managing your hospital. We have been serving the healthcare industry for almost 100 years, and you can be confident we can handle all of your emergency fuel needs. To learn more, contact us today.